Residential property in the UK

A genuine housing crisis currently exists as residential property in the UK is subject to ever-increasing demand. This is impacted by a sheer lack in quality supply, meaning prices growing beyond the reach of many potential buyers; this issue particularly concentrated throughout London and Greater London.

At Inspired, we target first time buyers and work tirelessly to ensure that young hard-working Londoners have the chance to secure a place on the housing market. That is why we have successfully captured a niche area of the market and experience such colossal levels of demand for our London homes.

For many first-time buyers, residential property in the UK has ceased being aspirational and become unobtainable. Inspired's apartments and studios offer the very best standards of urban living, with designer fittings and extensive communal areas, at exceptionally affordable price tags. Available through initiatives such as Help to Buy, Inspired are proud to be giving choice and aspiration back to young Londoners.

Ultimately, Inspired is the only asset management and property investment company that addresses this area of the market to such a high level in London. We empower this unique demographic by providing the opportunity of owning a high specification London home.